Monday, 14 January 2008

A Place in the Auvergne, Monday, 14th January, 2007


No copy of the IHT for Tuesday 15th January in the post, with news from outside the valley about Monday, 14th January, 2007.

An email from a reader of A Place in My Country

Very thought-provoking book and not the 'cosy' one that I had partly expected it to be.

It really made me rethink my attitudes, beliefs, etc. about rural life in UK in this century and recognise that, sad to say, they are all romantic dreams. In the neck of the woods which I know best, it is not only the big landowners who are changing the countryside (and laughing all the way to the bank) it is many of the small farmers too.

I have some Norms and Toms in my life, but acknowledge that they are definitely anachronisms or eccentrics, but they make the countryside worthwhile for me and I hope they will last out my lifetime!

Sue M.


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