Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A Place in the Auvergne, Monday, 7th January 2008



"We believe in a world where more than two billion people are entering the industrial age."

BHP Billiton's CEO, Marius Kloppers, speaking to analysts when unveiling his bid for mining titan Rio Tinto in November, 2007.

Rain continued to fall in Zimbabwe, where rains are reported to be the heaviest since colonial-era records began a century ago.


Qaeda video messages available by cellphone.


"If I stay here, I will be lynched," said Waweru Mburu, a Kikuyu, as he waited outside a supermarket, one of two open in this town of half a million people. His wife had been waiting for hours, trying to buy milk.

"We've got a bunch of guys; we want to get rid of them," Supervielle said, recalling the prevailing view. "Build a jail and hand them over. But complications emerged..."

Col. Manuel Supervielle recalling problems at the US prison at Bagram, Afghanistan that now holds about 670 prisoners, more than double the 275 being held at Guantanamo.


The Year Ahead in Trends

"Status Despair"....the feeling when, say, the owner of a puny Gulfstream private jet takes in the sight of Prince Alaweed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia barrelling down the the runway in his flying palace, the customized double-decker A380 he had ordered from Airbus.

Because the consumption stakes have been raised so high, more people in 2008 are likely to feel status despair, Evers said.

Some, particularly in developed countries, will divert from the consumption-as-status pattern and seek consumer gratification in new ways - by counting the number of views on their page on the photo-sharing site Flickr, for instance.


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