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Eric Rognot, a longtime student of ice sheets at both poles for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said he hoped that the public and policymakers did not interpret the uncertainty in the 21st-century forecast as reason for complacency on the need to to limit risks by cutting emissions.

Rignot recently proposed that unabated warming could result in three feet of global sea rise just from water flowing off Greenland, three feet from Antarctica and 18 inches as the remaining alpine glaciers shrivel away.

This is similar to the projections by the most prominent NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, but more than twice the three-foot rise that many glaciologists seem to agree on as the outer band of what is possible by century's end.

"It's too early to reassure that all will stabilize, and similarly, there is no way to predict catastrophic collapse," Rignot said. "But things are definitely far more serious than anyone would have thought five year ago."

"You have to understand that these issues are much deeper than ethnic," said Maina Kiai, chairman of the of Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. "They are political," he said, "and they do back to the land."......

In the Rift Valley, the anti-Kikuyu grudge goes back to Independence, when the British government bought-out Britons who owned huge picturesque farms. But instead of redistribution to the impoverished peoples who had lived their for centuries like the Kalenjin and the Masai, the newly formed Kenyan government, led by Jono Kenyatta, a Kikuyu, gave much of it to Kikuyus from other areas....

"Land is very important to us," said Anthony Kirunga, a Kikuyu, who sells spare car parts in Nakuru. "It's not our fault that other people are jealous."

COMMENTARY (James Caroll)
Obama embodies more than he can know. "Change" is his mantra, but the potential for transformation goes far beyond the kinds of policies pursued in Washington. Those policies are routed in assumptions sunk deep into the national psyche, and the into the structure of memory that gives it shape. War is not necessarily redemptive. Africans are not necessarily disadvantaged. African-Americans are not mere victims. Race, for that matter, need not be definitive.

In September, the United Nations and the World Bank put Suharto at the top of a new list of the world's most corrupt leaders. They quoted an estimate by Transparency International that he stole $15billion to $35 billion in state assets while in power.


Mal di Marito (the sense that being good at something is bad) by Giovanni Floris
There's nothing wrong in pointing out the merits of strong candidate (Floris) said in a telephone interview "but the Italian 'recommendation' is where your power lies in imposing someone with no merits. Here, if you can force an employer to hire someone stupid, it is a sign of power."


I see what you don't, hanging just out of your view. Your child will be my child's age someday, but the reverse will never happen. You can live forward, but I cannot live backward.

"I wake up thinking about Iran, I go to bed thinking about Iran."
(Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, commander of U.S. naval forces in the Gulf.)


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