Saturday, 23 August 2008

Friday, 22nd August 2008


IW: Tired. I sleep late, do I know that that is autumn I see through the bedroom windows? Someone says he feels it's today, the end of summer, the beginning of his favourite seasons. I want to hold on to summer.

The 'newsfast' continues but I do learn that France has won the gold for the 'little bikes'.
"The what?"
"Baymex", he says laughing.
"BMX? You're shitting me?"
"No! I'm serious."
"That's can't be an Olympic sport can it?"
We laugh.

The family plans to go to a puppet theatre at a festival. The children spend the morning making their own, a stage too, but Bede, well, he gets bored and angry and he rips the painted, cut-out puppets into pieces. There are tears and anger.

So Bede doesn't get to go to the theatre; instead I take him with me, to help raise a roof up in the mountains.

For some reason this brings a memory.

A choice I have as a young boy: to accompany my brother and his friends to the theatre in London to see 'Toad of Toad Hall'. I decide not to go, what to do I can't recall.

I can't remember ever seeing my brother again.

Maybe this is autumn.


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