Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Tuesday, 19th August 2008


IW: On holiday. After the 31 degree heat of Monday, a storm comes in, fork lightning and thunder, but moves in and out of the valley, unsure if it should remain, slow and wet.

We make tea, masks, conversation with friends who drop by. Rain talk, intimate and private. On our new bed, we watch the theatre of the skies and read as the kids watch a DVD.

Han reads the newspapers when I am out of sight; she knows I don't want to see them. I caught a glimpse of a headline, I don't know what day. Something about a truce in Georgia. A war has been raging but the newsfast continues. Because a war has been raging, the newsfast continues.

I receive an email from the actor Jeremy Irons. He liked my book 'A Place in My Country' and is kind enough to tell me how much and why.


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